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Following an ankle sprain, you should start strengthening exercises once you can bear weight comfortably and your range of motion is near full. Sprained ankle range of motion exercises rom and stretches. Ankle sprains university health services university of california. After an injury or surgery, an exercise conditioning program will help you return to daily activities and enjoy a more active, healthy lifestyle. When ligaments are damaged, there is pain, swelling and sometimes bruising. Luckily, there are ways to strengthen your ankle once it has recovered. Functional exercises start to load the ankle in a more sports specific way with more explosive type movements, direction changes, and lateral or sideways mov. Ankle instability recurring or persistent chronic pain on the outer lateral side of the ankle often develops after an injury such as a sprained ankle. Immediately after injury, you may be nonweight bearing for up to 12 weeks to prevent further injury and protect the ligaments. Supervised exercises for adults with acute lateral ankle.

However, several other conditions may also cause chronic ankle pain. Foam rolling exercises are generally performed on the floor, with the ankle or lower leg being positioned on top of the foam roller. Second,you may have suffered a more severe ankle injury along. Rehabilitation after ankle sprain brett sanders, md center for sports medicine and orthopaedic 2415 mccallie ave. Rice is most effective in conjunction with specific exercises see over. I hurt my ankle on a tough mudder obstacle and could put no weight on it at all, but was told by the medical staff that it was just a sprain. Ankle circle exercises these can be done with or without a pulley or cable.

C compression place an ice bag on the ankle for 15 to 20. Ankle sprain rehabilitation guideline this rehabilitation program is designed to return the individual to their activities as quickly and safely as possible. Simple exercises can be done using elastic to create resistance fig. Range of motion rotate your foot at the ankle in large circles stretching you ankle maximally in all directions as tolerated by comfort. Slide your injured foot backwards along the floor, keeping your foot. Recovery is different in each case, but high ankle sprains generally take longer to resolve than lateral ankle sprains. If improperly treated, they can develop into a chronic problem. An ankle sprain is a stretch or a tear of the ligaments bands of tissue that hold bones together supporting the ankle joint. After the ankle has healed, ask your doctor if you should continue to wear the brace. Some people with repeated or severe sprains can develop longterm joint pain and weakness.

You can do rehab exercises at home or even at the office to strengthen your ankle. Ankle stability and movement coordination impairments. Physical therapy modalities for a detailed description of the use of. There are a ton of seated exercises on youtube you can look at and upper body weights are good too. To prevent reinjury continue daily calf and heel stretching, especially after activity indefinitely continue ankle strengthening 34 days per week indefinitely complete the balance tests and exercises if needed wear an ankle brace during strenuous activity indefinitely balance an ankle sprain can decrease your ability to balance on that foot and makes it easier to roll. Doing these exercises will help maintain motion, blood flow. Keeping these muscles strong can relieve foot and ankle pain and prevent further injury.

Rice is commonly accepted as best practice by most health care professionals immediately after acute ankle sprains to help control pain and limit. First 24 to 72 hours after injury, immediate treatment for sprained. Healthlinkbc files are easytounderstand fact sheets on a range of public health and safety topics including disease prevention and immunizations. Compression in order to help reduce swelling, wrap the ankle with an elastic bandage as shown in the ankle sprain support and compression brochure. An ankle sprain occurs when a ligament connecting the ankle bones is stretched or torn. Rehabilitation rehab exercises are critical to ensure that the ankle heals completely and reinjury does not occur. If ligaments do not heal properly after an ankle sprain, the ankle can become weak and unstable and give out with only minor trauma, such as stepping off a curb. Ankle slides sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor. This can happen if a runner lands on an uneven surface or trips while running. An ankle sprain is a common injury, often caused when the ankle.

Rehabilitation guidelines following total ankle arthroplasty. Ankle sprain treatment protocol early treatment week one postinjury early treatment is directed at minimizing the swelling which will help decrease pain and speed up healing. Total ankle arthroplasty rehabilitation is vital to regaining motion, strength and function of the ankle after surgery. A sprain can range from mild to severe, depending upon how much damage there is. They are often immediately and severely painful and incapacitating.

Stretching the muscles that you strengthen is important for restoring range of motion and preventing injury. Loosen the wrap if your toes start to turn blue or feel cold. Either immerse it in an ice bucket, or wrap it in a bag of ice for 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. The selection of therapeutic interventions for improving ankle dorsiflexion after ankle sprains depends on multiple limiting factors to ankle dorsiflexion. Top 6 exercises to reduce risk of an ankle sprain posted at 17. Recovering from an ankle sprain generally requires 46 weeks of treatmentrehabilitation. Precautions avoid exercises that create movement compensations wean from boot and progress wbat, with use of ankle stabilizing orthosis aso as needed.

Rehabilitation after ankle sprain ankle sprain the injury. Foot and ankle conditioning program orthoinfo aaos. The information below can help speed up your recovery, decrease your pain and help prevent reinjury. It is important to maintain the full range of motion your ankle. Ankle sprains can leave you stuck on the couch for several days. The initial treatment first 72 hours for ankle sprains is based on the rice principles. First, an untreated ankle sprain may lead to chronic ankle instability, a condition marked by persistent discomfort and a giving way of the ankle. Physical therapy for sprained ankle 12 exercises for. To ensure that this program is safe and effective for you, it should be performed under your doctors supervision. Early movement will help you regain your range of motion and prevent your muscles from getting weak. Exercises your kaiser permanente care instructions here are some examples of exercises for your ankle. Gently stretching after strengthening exercises can help reduce muscle soreness and keep your muscles long and flexible.

After you order, you will get instant access to download the videos and pdf files. Foot and ankle rehabilitation exercises orthoinfo aaos. Rehabilitation after ankle sprain center for sports medicine. You might be stiff and sore, but the sooner you get it moving, the quicker youll recover and better you.

Stand with your ankle and knee of the affected leg bent with your foot flat on the floor. All cases were classified in four 4 grades i, ii, iiia and iiib, according to our classification criteria. These same exercises also are the most effective exercises to strengthen the arch of the foot. Ankle sprain emergency department patient information. Ankle sprain rehabilitation guideline general guidelines. To receive this publication in an accessible format. Physical therapist performs a full evaluation of the ankle to give the proper and effective treatment and exercises for early recovery from sprained ankle. A more effective way to rehab your ankle sprain breaking.

Treating a sprained ankle can help prevent ongoing ankle problems. After an ankle sprain, its important to start doing exercises again as soon as you can. As soon as you can tolerate pressure on the ball of your foot, begin stretching the ankle using some of the following exercises. Bracing or taping should be used to protect the ankle if weight bearing is.

It is very important to follow the guidelines recommended by your health care provider, which may include the following steps below in the acute phase of your injury. E elevation wrap an elastic bandage from the toes to mid calf, using even pressure. It is important that you take regular painkillers, to reduce the pain and help you keep moving around. Ankle sprain aftercare instructions what you need to know. Elevate the ankle above heart level until swelling subsides. Early treatment, specific exercises and bracing can decrease the risk of reinjury. If treated quickly and properly, however, ankle sprains can heal well, allowing safe return to activity. They occur when you roll your ankle, which overstretches the ligaments, which are the fibrous bands that hold the ankle bones together see figure 1. It is designed for rehabilitation following ankle sprain. Performing the exercises three to five days a week will maintain strength and range of motion in your foot and ankle. Typically, high ankle sprains can be treated conservatively with physical therapy. Rehabilitation exercises help repair and strengthen injured ligaments. Applying an ace bandage can help decrease the swelling and help the healing.

This information and exercise sheet should be used as a guide to recovery following a simple ankle sprain. Ankle sprains may take from 6 weeks to several months to heal. An ankle sprain occurs when your ligaments are stretched beyond their limits, causing them to tear. High ankle sprain rehabilitation guideline sanford health. National athletic trainers association position statement. An ankle sprain occurs when a ligament connecting the.

Do these exercises six times a day for each leg, especially after exercise or another activity. As an exercise to increase the ankle motion, rest your heel on the floor and write the alphabet in the air with your big toe, making the letters as large as you can. Balance exercises stand on your injured foot and attempt to maintain balance. Chattanooga, tn 423 6242696 the injury ankle sprains are very common ankle injuries, usually the result of the ankle turning inward. An ankle fracture is a much different injury than an ankle sprain although it is not uncommon for them to occur simultaneously, but sometimes runners confuse these two and wrongly selfdiagnose. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist about which exercises will best help you meet your rehabilitation goals. Ankle sprain, the top 6 exercises to reduce risk for this. The injured ankle should be protected to prevent aggravating or worsening the injury. Elevate your leg and write the alphabet or do circles with it fig. For the first few days, reduce the amount of walking you do and gently exercise your ankle regularly to avoid stiffness. After a sprain occurs, it can be classified as grade i, grade ii, or grade iii, depending on the severity of the ligament stretch, strain, or tear.

Bruising, swelling, tenderness and instability are some of the symptoms of an ankle sprain. You may need to ice your ankle after the exercises. How to strengthen your ankle after a sprain footcaremd. An ankle sprain occurs when the strong ligaments or muscles that support the ankle stretch beyond their limits and tear. Therefore, a clinician should consider an approach to improve ankle dorsiflexion that may necessitate recognizing which. Some people with repeated or severe sprains can develop longterm joint pain and.

Avoid painful activities to give your ankle time to heal. It is designed for rehabilitation following high ankle sprain. If your muscles are stiff, you can stretch the calf muscles fig. Attempt to move ankle through ranges of movement up and down, in and out against a static resistance e. After your recovery, these exercises can be continued as a maintenance program for lifelong protection and health of your feet and lower legs. Ligaments support your joints and keep your bones in place. It is easiest to begin with isometric exercises that you do by pushing against a fixed object with your ankle. Then use the ice pack 3 times a day until the swelling goes down. Ankle sprains are very common injuries, usually the result of the foot turning in. There are several types of strengthening exercises. Ankle sprains are common injuries that can result in lifelong problems. How to do rehabilitation exercises for an ankle sprain. Went to the hospital the day after and was a rather nasty fracture.

The ankle sprain solved program is a set of 7 downloadable videos, and 12 pdf files. It is ideal for use after you have seen your doctor or physio. Methods during the period 19992005, 2 elite track and field athletes were treated for an acute lateral ankle sprain. This study showed that usual care combined with supervised exercises compared with usual care alone at 3 months and 1year of follow up after an acute lateral ankle sprain did not indicate clinicallymeaningful differences in the occurrence of resprains or in subjective recovery in patients consulting a gp or the emergency department. Put the ice pack on your injured ankle for 10 minutes every 2 hours, for the first couple of days after the injury. Once you have mastered isometric exercises, you can progress to isotonic exercises. Manual test are performed to find out how unstable your ankle is following a sprain and in some cases, xrays might be required to determine whether there is a broken bone. The best exercises for strengthening an unstable ankle are oneleg balance exercises studies over the past ten years have demonstrated that these oneleg balance exercises are a critical part of rehabilitation after an ankle sprain or following a diagnosis of an unstable ankle. Signs and symptoms pain, usually on the outer side of the ankle.

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