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Specview from watlow software download the latest version of specview from watlow is always available at in the download centers software and demos section. Opc server for watlow electric series sd pid temperature. You can order the ezzone pm as a pid controller, an overunder limit controller, or these functions can be combined into an integrated controller. Call watlow customer service, 507 4545300, for a return material authorization rma number before returning any item for repair. Watlows single point of support for hardware, software and application needs ensures knowledgeable and prompt responses to questions or concerns. A proportional band expressed in degrees or process units, or % of span, within which a controller proportioning function is active for output 1. West coast plastics watlow series sd temperature controllers. Watlow 1241 bundy boulevard winona, mn 55987 usa phone. The controller specs and user manual are available in pdf format on the watlow website.

The series sd users manual is ed by watlow winona, inc. The watlow series sd has been replaced by the watlow ezzone pm control series. Watlow limit controller user manual thermal product solutions. If you retrofit the series sd31 controller into an existing application, you may need to use a watlow adapter plate to adapt it to the smaller controller size. Heres your chance to save big as these controllers are quite costly new. Refer to the watlow sd users manual for the control being used for dimensions, appropriate mounting and operating conditions, including proper electrical connections.

Please have the following information available when calling. Watlow f4 users manual watlow 96 users manual watlow 97 highlow limit users manual watlow 945 highlow limit users manual watlow. The wiring depends on the specific model number of the series sd31. Watlow is a leading supplier of integrated multifunction, process and temperature controllers, power switching devices, agencyrated safety limits, operator interface terminals, process and event data loggers and recorders and accessories to reliably implement and control a complete thermal system. User manuals, specification sheets, cad drawings and more. The ezzone pm express is the next generation controller to follow the legacy of watlows series 93, series 935 and series sd controllers that offer easytouse features to perform many basic applications. This competitively priced package includes fieldproven features, many suggested by loyal users. Complete model number all configuration information users manual factory page. Available in 2, 116, 18, and 14 din panel mount sizes, watlow sd series pid temperature controllers are backed by an industry leading threeyear warranty from watlow winona. See the controllers users manuals for details of modes, errors.

Watlow controller catalog southwest heater and control. Watlow sd controller system guide future design controls. If the controller is in the man setting manual change this to auto by pushing the up arrow key once. Watlow reserves the right to charge for no trouble found ntf returns. Series 935 and series sd controllers that offer easytouse features to perform many basic applications. Fdc 9300 controller manual future design l91 users manuals. Users manual, series sd limit controller read online or download pdf watlow series sd limit user manual manuals directory online owner manuals library search. Buy watlow sd6chcjaaarg sd series temperature controller, 116 din, universal input, switched dc output, relay output, 110 and more from our comprehensive selection of watlow sdseries temperatureprocess controllers.

Watlows ezzone pm panel mount controller offers control options to reduce system complexity and the cost of thermal loop ownership. Leverage watlows growing toolkit of calculators, equations, reference data and more to help design your thermal system. Advanced features of the watlow sd series pid temperature controller include eia485 modbus serial communications, watlows infosense sensor technology, infrared remote communications operation, watlows patented user definable menu system, and a save and restore feature that allows the restoration of either factory or userdefined. To find the watlow recommended replacement for your watlow series sd controller, please enter the part number of your existing watlow sd using the pull down menus below, then click on the submit button below, the replacement part number and price will be shown on the next page. Howto fix for button problems with watlow ezzone temperature controls. Watlow s temperature and process controllers offer easytouse, accurate and reliable solutions for applications requiring single and multiple loops of control. When to select a limit, versus an alarm controller or a temperature controller in watlow catalogs, brochures and web pages there is a category of controllers listed as limits and alarms.

Em gateway users manual for watlow part number em00gate0000 1241 bundy boulevard, p. The series 97 limit controller is added to thermal applications to limit overtemperature conditions. Watlow specview hmi software, human machine interface. We offer fast lead times and world wide shipping on watlow controllers and other quality products. The series sd is manufactured by iso 9001registered processes and is backed by a threeyear warranty. Series sd pid controller and pid profiling controller watlow. This calibration manual applies to all series sd controllers, including the pid, pid profiling, devicenet and limit controller versions. It is not always clear to everyone when to use these controllers or which type of controller to use. Watlow sd6chcjaaarg sd series temperature controller, 1. Overview the ezzone pm takes the pain out of solving your thermal loop requirements.

If you do not know why the product failed, contact an application engineer or product manager. Leverage watlow s growing toolkit of calculators, equations, reference data and more to help design your thermal system. Watlow ezzone pm express panel mount controller zesta. The series f4 users manual covers hardware and software in both the single. Setup and operations 331 pages controller watlow series 96 specification sheet. Connect sensor and control wiring as required, paying close attention to all wiring precautions and guidelines as. Southwest heater and control autotuning pid controllers. Watlow sd series pid temperature controller temperature. Watlow has no control over their use, and sometimes. It is ideally suited for basic applications and usage levels. Watlow plug and play firmware and hardware specification sheet 4 pages controller watlow 97 series user manual. Temperature and process controllers include one or more sensor inputs with openloop break detection and multiple outputs for control and alarms.

Pictures are of the exact make and model that is listed. Overview available ezzone pm literature and resources document title and part number description ezzone pm integrated pid controller users guide, part number. Watlow s ezzone pm controllers offer options to reduce system complexity and the cost of control loop ownership. Users manual factory page return material authorization rma 1. Up for offer is 1 watlow cv temperature controller. Use the email ack to reactivate future emails for this controller.

Watlow ezzone pm panel mount controllers thermal system. Solidstate power controller style a 9 pages controller watlow dinamite scr power controller specifications. Pushing the advance key once more will bring you back to. Series sd pid controller and pid profiling controller user. Builtin support and autodetect for watlow controllers make setup quick and simple. It can be ordered as a pid controller, an overunder controller or a combination of these functions combined in an integrated controller.

Watlow controller user manuals download manualslib. Watlows ezzone pm controllers offer options to reduce. Select which side or sides will trigger this alarm. Controller user selectable heatcool, onoff, p, pi, pd, pid or alarm action, not valid for limit controllers. Users manual factory page warranty the series sd is manufactured by iso 9001registered processes and is backed by a threeyear warranty. Buy watlow sd6lhjaaaarg obsolete sd series limit controller online on industrialzone. User manual ezzone rm limit module user manual ezzone rm scanner module user manual. Independent test lab opc certification is the process of ensuring that applications meet the standards specified by the opc foundation.

The controller is so user friendly it can be set up to display safety and limit messages created by the end user to meet the exact application need. Users guide ezzone pm pid controller models totaltemp. Please view the photos and ask all of your questions before bidding. The controller will need to have its power, input and output wiring installed. Series sd pid controller and pid profiling controller, 88, 1. All our pictures are ones that we have taken not generic ones. Watlow sd6chcaaaarg temperature controller condition is used may have some scratches on the face. Watlow limit sd temperature controller sd6lhjueaarg for. The watlow 96 series controller is extremely user friendly. Watlow ezzone pm pid controller 3 chapter 1 overview 1 chapter 1. View and download watlow ezzone pm user manual online. Specview from watlow field upgrade order form guides you through the process of adding features to a copy of specview you already own. Watlow series sd limit 2 chapter 1 overview the watlow series sd family of microprocessorbased limit controllers is available in 2, 116, 18 and 14 din panel mount sizes.

The ezzone rm controller family is comprised of six module types. Opc server for watlow electric series sd pid temperature controller is 3rd party certified. Scr power controller delivers up to 100 amps in a smart package 2 pages controller watlow dinamite user manual. The series sd limit is added to applications to prevent over or under process conditions. Controller watlow mlspm user manual 144 pages controller watlow dinamite style a user manual. Up for auction is 1 watlow cv temperature controller. F4s, f4d, f4p, microdin, power series, cls200and sd nonramping controllers with up to 16 controllers in any combination. Mobile configuration with removable secure digital sd flash card. User manuals, watlow controller operating guides and service manuals. The watlow sd series pid temperature controller is ul and cul listed, csa, ce and nsf2 certified and include the ip65nema 4x seal.

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